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Business networking across the UK

Starting in Royal Wootton Bassett based in the South-West, there is now many opportunities to grow your network and grow your business with Cobra Clubs opening across the UK. Below is a list of active clubs by region.

Make new connections at nationwide UK business networking events

From Scotland to Dorset, local business community networking events enable members from across the UK to take advantage of this new and exciting networking opportunity, forging new contacts and business connections. There is a whole lot of social-networking too and that is why our members are building a network of business contacts all over the UK.

That’s the power of networking at The Cobra Club and the reason why we believe we are the fastest growing business association and networking organisation in the country.

We have a diverse, innovative, exciting opportunity for networking with a selection of daily events from speed networking, masterminds, business networking and sales & accountability led events. We even give networking tips too.

Successful networking professionals join The Cobra Club to meet new people, build networking relationships, show business trust, and ultimately pass opportunities and referrals to each other. Come and get involved today.

For professional networking, make the right connections and expand your network

Business networking events at The Cobra Club are vibrant, energetic, dynamic, caring and human. Meetup and build trusted relationships while unlocking new business opportunities… get ready, get steady, get connected today.

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Why not build your network of business professionals in a supportive online business community and start your own Cobra Club networking event? See which areas are available or join The Cobra Club to gain access to effective networking in all areas.

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