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The cobra club offers unique opportunities online to grow your business

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Our amazing members love our online business networking – here’s what they are saying about The Cobra Club…

From start-ups to established businesses, the cobra club offers unique opportunities online to grow your business online. From Start-ups to seasoned business professionals we have a variety or members at all levels with one thing in common, We want to help! 

Some of our members are in-between roles looking for that next opportunity too, If you are looking for flexibility to network and meet businesses across the UK at a time to suit you then why not book a virtual tour today and find out how being part of our online business community can help your business today.

Strategic Asset Protection

Strategic Asset Protection

Wealth & Estate Planner

I’ve never really looked back, it’s so easy and the business I’ve actually got from it has been absolutely fantastic.

Mike Hiner

Hi, my name is Mike Hiner and my business  “Strategic asset protection” is an asset protection and estate planning specialist, that deals with clients that want a more fully protect and preserve their assets against attackable events now and also in the future, preserving those assets for future generations. 
I joined the Cobra Club back in October 2020, and since then, I’ve never really looked back with it. It was my first saunter into networking, never really done networking before, But I got to say the Cobra Club is so easy. It’s online, I can sit in my own office, I can network with like-minded businesses and such like and the business I’ve actually got from it has been absolutely fantastic. So I highly recommend if you’re looking to get involved in a networking group, then come and join us at the Cobra Club. I look forward to seeing you there.

Premier Property Solutions

Property & Financial Wellness

It’s different from any other meeting and networking group

Caitriona Ellis

My name is Catriona Ellis from Premier Property Solutions and Financial Wellness Academy Limited. I’ve been a cobra member since April 2021. And I have to say that I’ve managed hugely beneficial to me individually and also as a business owner. In the time that I’ve been a member of Cobra, I’ve made amazing friendships, connections and rebuilds and strong foundations for my businesses. I have generated 1000’s in actual income and several more 1000’s in the pipeline since being in the Cobra club. Additionally, it’s been an amazing network to connect, to troubleshoot, and for support and day to day business challenges. I can’t recommend Cobra club highly enough. It’s different from any other meeting and networking group because you have the opportunity of 20 plus meetings per week where you can regularly check in and see people and so in that way you get to know the people in Cobra club much better and so what you then find is that people start referring you without you even being in the room, which is an amazing way to do business and a lot simpler. So if you want to find out more about Cobra club, do check on the link below or feel free to connect with me directly..

1st Step Rehab Fitness and Support

Personal Rehab & Fitness Trainer

I have left other groups and stuck to this one. I have ended up getting really strong referrals, and collaboration to the extent where I’m working with people that I’ve met through the Cobra Club.

Kamaljit Saggu

Hi, it’s Kam from First Step Rehab Fitness and Support and I help people with long term health conditions, injuries and very low fitness get moving again through low impact and chair based exercises. So I used to work in the NHS for 10 years prior to starting my own business so I can understand, empathise and get people moving again.

I have been in the Cobra club, I think within six months of it opening so I’ve been there from quite early on and I’ve got to say I have left other networking groups and stuck to this one because it is online, the collaborative work, the support network, the fact you can turn up to as many networking’s in a week as you want. I think the biggest one for me is I’ve ended up getting really strong referrals and also collaborations to the extent where I am now working with people who were met through The Cobra Club, and I would not have met them anywhere else. So that’s my reason for being at Cobra club. Join on

Louise Maggs Design

Website & Graphic Design Services

The networking events are really, really useful

Louise Maggs

Hello, I’m Louise from Louise Maggs Design and I’ve been a member of the Cobra club for a long time. It’s a great networking platform and it’s enabled me to meet many business owners throughout the UK and also throughout the world. It’s a really supportive platform as well. You’ve got the ability to kind of drop in if you want to just have a catch up with anyone or you just fancy a chat. And obviously the networking events are really, really useful as well. I really recommend the club. I love it; being here, and yeah, that’s, that’s me Louise from Louise Maggs design.


Emotive Marketeer

I see my business grow and flourish within the club

Hannah Matarazzo

Hi, my name is Hannah Matarazzo and I’ve been a member of the Cobra club since its conception. My business is marketing; Cottontail Creative Media with a background in psychology. I create content that has feeling that creates an emotional connection with your target audience. I really really love the Cobra club, mainly because I see my business grow and flourish within the club and also seeing other people’s businesses really grow and the great collaboration between people, referrals to each other and really developing some meaningful relationships. I love the different varied events, the networking events throughout the week, so it will be really awesome to see you there. Yes, sign up today and come and find out more about us at the Cobra Club.


Business Automation

a wonderful place where everybody helps each other out.

David McKenna

Hi there, David McKenna from either Adaworx. What we do is business process automation. What that means is we give everybody in your team at least one day a week back to focus on the good stuff at like making money. I am a big fan of the Cobra Club. It’s a very Cooperative experience and I must say thank you to all of the team and essentially where we are is a wonderful place where everybody helps each other out. Thank you very much everyone


ETA Girl Friday

Virtual Assistant & Zoom Producer

It is a very welcoming and supportive community

Kristie Norris

Hi, I’m Kristie Norris from ETA Girl Friday. I’m a virtual assistant and zoom producer and today I’d like to share why I’m a member of the Cobra club. It is a very welcoming and supportive community. And over the last few years, we’ve all needed some form of stability. Cobra club has been that for me, it’s been a great space where you can pop in and see some familiar faces. Whether it’s running an idea pass somebody or you maybe just need to see some different faces that Day, and perhaps even maybe need a bit of cheering up. I think the Cobra Club is a an amazing space and community to be a part of.

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I joined The Cobra Club four months and my network has exploded as a result. I've made some amazing connections and was delighted to be given the opportunity to establish Cobra Avalon, bringing Somerset to the nation and the nation to Somerset. Super concept, great people. Very highly recommended.
James Richmond - Cobra Club Testimonial
James Richmond
Posted on (2)
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I have never really done the networking thing before, but was introduced to the cobra club and immediatly felt welcome. Its a really friendly environment with more and more businesses joining all the time. If you are an experienced networker or a newbe like me, I would urge you to give it a go, you wont be disappointed.
Mike Hiner
Estate Planner
Posted on (2)
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Creative, innovative business networking and shared virtual office organisation. Offers better value than traditional networking with meetings every day of the week and a virtual office that is open every working day. I have picked up lots of useful contacts and the online meetings are informal and fun.
Peter Elliot - Cobra Club Testimonial
Peter Elliot
Cyber Security
Posted on (2)
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I'm so pleased that I found The Cobra Club, what a refreshing style of networking. A group to suit everyone and all industries. Very friendly and welcoming, I feel like this group are like colleagues helping and supporting each other.
Kathy Knight - Cobra Club Testimonial
Kathy Knight
Recruitment Specialist
Posted on (2)
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The Cobra Club is such a supportive and friendly business-focussed networking group. It has been invaluable to my business! I have met so many like-minded individuals as well as some very useful referrals and tangible work, also made some great friends.
Sandra Mansfield - Cobra Club Testimonial
Sandra Mansfield
Management Trainer
Posted on (2)
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You don't make superficial connections at The Cobra Club, you make lasting business relationships with people across the UK. Give it a go, your business profile will reach a whole new level...
Barry Hunt - Cobra Club Testimonial
Barry Hunt
Business Copywriter
Posted on (2)

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